Millions of industrial robots' programs automatically programmed using AUTOMAPPPS software!

AUTOMAPPPS has proven as a solution for time and cost saving programming of industrial robots. For single- and multi-robot cells with and without line-tracking. Millions of robot programs generated by AUTOMAPPPS are executed each year. And when we say “millions per year”, we exclude the ten million programs automatically planned for “fast processes” such as bin-picking. For almost all major brands of industrial robots. Selected robot applications and processes - with faster robot programming - supported ideally by AUTOMAPPPS process models, simulation and programming:

Robotic Grinding/Sanding

Example: car-body grinding:

  • Optimized, validated layout
  • Minimized required space and cycle time
  • Minimized time and cost for robot offline programming
  • Reduced test-runs, non-productive time and risks
  • Cells between 1 and more than 10 robots
  • Cells with and without rails, conveyors and rotatory axes
  • Jobs ranging from seconds to minutes in execution time

Image courtesy of ASIS GmbH, Landshut

Cleaning Robots

Example: 100% cleaning of car-bodies (prior to painting)

  • Improved dust removal
  • WYSIWYG simulation of cleaning
  • Reduced testing and non-productive state
  • Minimized time and cost for programming and optimizing
  • Cells with 1 to 6 robots and auxiliary axes
  • Reduced space required, reduced cost for hardware
  • Minimal cycle time

Image: Robot offline programming car body cleaning and validation tests together with WANDRES and a large German car manufacturer

Robotic Spot Repair

Example: repairing detected surface defects

  • Robots grind/polish defects
  • Input: defects detected by vision system
  • 100% automated task planning
  • Programming robots in seconds
  • Multi-Robot system

Image courtesy of ATENSOR Engineering and Technology Systems GmbH, Austria

Robotic Belt Grinding

Example: grinding free-form parts

  • Part in Hand
  • Improved grinding quality
  • Grinding simulation
  • Reduced testing and non-productive state
  • Minimized time and cost for programming and optimizing
  • Reduced space required

More details after approval.

3D Measurement - Visual CMM – Visual Metrology

Example: 3D measurement of work-pieces

  • No robot experts required
  • Minimized time and cost for programming
  • Reduced trials and non-productive state
  • Single-robot measuring cells and multi-robot systems
  • Robots with and without auxiliary axes
  • Minimized execution time

Image courtesy of AICON 3D Systems GmbH


Example: 100% paint inspection

  • Improving coverage and result of automation
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Automatic multi-robot collision avoidance - active
  • Minimized time and cost for robot offline programming
  • Single-robot measuring cells and multi-robot systems
  • Allows for intuitive immersion into the process

Image courtesy of Micro-Epsillon Messtechnik GmbH &CoKG

Quality Control

Example: robotic control of product features

  • Simple operation and robot instruction
  • Automatic compensation of very large pose deviations
  • Very fast instruction of the robot
  • Collision free robot motions in narrow environment - automatically
  • Improved OEE (overall equipment efficiency...)

Image courtesy of: confidential.

Powder Coating

Example: Robotic Powder Coating OLP

  • Powder-coating and painting
  • Simple and fast robot offline programming
  • Simulation for reduced test-runs and optimization
  • Support for line tracking
  • Usually 1-2 robots
  • Support for external axes

Image courtesy of Jungheinrich Moosburg AG & Co. KG, Germany


Example: Robotic Painting Offline Programming

  • Simple and fast robot programming
  • Up to 100,000 variants and more
  • Simulation for reduced test-runs and optimization
  • Support for line tracking
  • Usually 1-2 robots
  • Support for external axes

More details after approval

Robotic Marking

Example: marking detected surface defects

  • Programming robots in seconds
  • Robots react on defects
  • Real-time properties
  • Several million programs per year
  • Higher product quality
  • 100,000€ savings of HW costs by software
  • Savings of space in the production line
  • Stop and go or conveyor tracking
  • 2 or 4 robotsRemote or contact-based

Surface Treatment

Example: 100% treatment of complexly shaped parts

  • Collision free robot motion in narrow work-cell
  • Simple operation
  • Prediction of process quality
  • Supervision of parameters
  • Minimized time for robot programming
  • Risk reduction

Image courtesy of IPF, Germany


Example: high-speed random bin picking of metal parts

  • Robust - frequently proven on shop-floor
  • Reduced cycle time through optimal motions
  • Reduced time to market and development cost
  • Higher re-use: for virtually all robot manufacturers and sensors
  • Fast setup and remote optimization
  • Fast adaptation to different parts to handle

Image courtesy of bsAutomatisierung GmbH, Germany

Pick & Place

Example: Vision-based pick-and-place (exhibition: Vision 2013)

  • Robust - widely used
  • Reduced cycle-time through optimal motions
  • Collision free motion in narrow environments
  • Simple and fast setup
  • Fast adaptation to new work-pieces
  • Remote optimization

Image courtesy of MVTec GmbH, Germany

Robotic deburring

Example: robotic deburring

  • Fast and easy programming of burr-following
  • Motion planning in strongly structured parts
  • Planning of robot and external axes

Image of robotic deburring cell courtesy of BOLL Automation GmbH, Germany

Cutting / Wood cutting

Example: robot based cutting of wood structures

  • Lot size 1, automatically programmed
  • CAM interface
  • Robot and auxiliary axes
  • Very large structures
  • Collision free, precise motion in narrow environments
  • Fully integrated in external GUI

More details after approval

Shape correction

Example: industrial robots cutting of shape deviation

  • Lot size 1, automatically programmed
  • Input from 3D vision sensors
  • Corrects 3D shape of parts
  • Different milling/cutting tools in hand

More details after approval