Robot system integration partners

Leading robotics and automation companies are integrating your best flexible robotic system using AUTOMAPPPS robot programming software and are  providing service - world wide.


Platinum Level


ASIS GmbH is one of our "oldest" and largest customers and partners for years. ASIS has become a full service partner for reactive robot programming with AUTOMAPPPS and robot off-line programming (OLP, OLRP) - and has buit up a strong interdisciplinary team of surface, robotics, PLC and software experts that has been trained by us in depth in all aspects of AUTOMAPPPS paint-repair to provide you with the best service for reactive robot systems and real-time robotic-applications.

ASIS, with headquarters in Landshut, Germany and several German and international subsidiaries, is known as a leading system integrator for painting, paint repair, finishing and other processes with robots in the automotive and non-automotive sector.

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Kiem-Pauli-Str. 3, 84036 Landshut, Germany

fon: +49 871 27676-0    e-mail:

robot paint repait

Image courtesy of ASIS, the system integrator of this robot cell for automotive paint repair.



International integration partners


The classification of integration-partners is done based on turnover, expert staff trained with AUTOMAPPPS software and years of experience.