AUTOMAPPPS Modules - faster automated  planning and industrial robot programming technology

Follow the example of successful customers: bring your own value-adding and cost saving hardware and software products for industrial robot programming to the market faster. Use our proven robot planning and programming and simulation technology invisible in the background. This is what convinced our customers:


  • be ahead of your competitors – have more advanced robotic products
  • be faster - reduce time to market of your robotic HW and SW products
  • save costs compared to own development
  • have your unique product and design
  • license only what you need to improve for your robotic solutions
  • reduce your risk, use technology industrially proven and get real expert support
  • focus your own resources on creating value and individual USPs

more details on white-label industrial robot programming software is confidential

List of available modules and technologies:

  • Multi-robot motion planning
  • Robot simulation and programming
  • Process simulation and planning
  • Robot offline programming software components
  • Reactive technologies
  • Real time robotics SW
  • Industry 4.0 and interaction technology
  • ...and much more amazing stuff


For those customers who do not need the full package of robot programming and planning software, we offer single modules of AUTOMAPPPS technology. Keep your own corporate identity and graphical user interfaces (GUI). Benefit from leading planning and programming and simulation technology

  • proven in ten-millions of robot programs generated
  • with the fitting granularity and module size
  • best fitting to no-size fits all
  • adapted to your own robots
  • supporting your own hardware and tools

Professional contracted research and development, co-development and integration support optional.