AUTOMAPPPS - OLP: Faster Robot Offline Programming

AUTOMAPPPS OLP is the SW-tool for faster, more easy robot programming. The SW features low-code and no-code programming. Moreover, automatic collision avoidance and automated planning and scheduling are combined with WYSIWYG simulation and "CAD to path". Further support features make it easier to achieve the process goals. Thus AUTOMAPPPS accelerates easy robot programming or layout optimization compared with conventional OLP or teach-in. Above all, programming robot gets faster even for robotic tasks which are very complex to program by other means.



Minimized efforts and costs

  • Fully or partially automated programming and scheduling of robot applications
  • Stand-alone or CAM input
  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership)

Simple use

  • Easy robot programming
  • Also for Non-Experts
  • Process knowledge embedded in SW

Reduced test-runs

  • Prediction of process quality
  • Automated optimization
  • Less non-productive time, better OEE

Reduction of cycle-time

  • Coordinates robots with same workspace
  • Automatic optimization

Adaptive production lines

  • Faster adaptation to new products
  • Automatic, accelerated programming
  • Ideal for very high variants / small lot-sizes
  • Lotsize 1 supported

Cost efficient line tracking and multi-robot cells

  • No additional hardware required
  • Automatic consideration of motion
  • Multi-robot collision avoidance and motion planning

Cost- and space-saving cell layout

  • Faster cell layout and validation. Determines required robot motions automatically.
  • Smaller cells, especially for brown-field. Finds narrow passages in dense cells.

YASKAWA robots painting with line tracking - faster programmed with robot offline programming software

Example for faster robot offline programming of e-static powder coating application with line-tracking.


FANUC robots for car sanding - offline prorammed with AUTOMAPPPS

Example for cell layout optimization and robot offline programming and the realized robotic robot cell.


  1. Easy robot programming
  2. Semi-automated process planning
  3. CAD-based robot programming and CAD to path
  4. Embedded process simulation as criterion for optimization
  5. Formalized process knowledge
  6. WYSIWYG and 3D simulation
  7. Automated collision-free robot motion planning
  8. Automated robot program code generation
  9. low-code programming / no code programming


APPROACH:  fast robot offline programming by

  1. Definition of tool-paths: interactive, automated, CAD to path, or via CAM input
  2. Process simulation and optimization
  3. Collision-free robot motion planning with
  4. Automatic optimization of sequences and auxiliary axes
  5. Robot program upload


JT, STEP, IGES, STL, CAM formats, and more


  • Sanding, grinding, polishing
  • Cleaning (brushes)
  • Surface activation
  • Sand-blasting
  • Wet- and CO2 cleaning
  • Drying
  • Gluing
  • Inspection, quality control
  • Measurement, metrology
  • Deburring
  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Waterjet cutting and plasma cutting
  • Additive manufacturing

Download the flyer for robot offline programming software.

AUTOMAPPPS OLP has proven to be cost efficient and time saving. Even where other robot offline programming software was not applicable or not viable from a economic point of view.  Our success-stories include

  • CAD-based robot offline programming for large complex parts with countless variants.
  • easy robot programming with line tracking where the robots had to be programmed to work between chains while the parts are moving. Hence, the robot cell needs to be stopped for 1 hour per part for determining its pose - instead of days for programming the tasks before AUTOMAPPPS robot programming and simulation software was deployed.
  • robot cell layout optimization and robot offline programming of multiple robots in very narrow (brown field) robot-cells with only millimeters of space.
  • simulation and programming of cleaning robots where the cleaning result (i.e. the removal of dust etc.) was predicted very accurately and expensive tests were avoided/ reduced.

We are especially proud because in the majority of cases where AUTOMAPPPS CAD-based robot programming is used, it is used by the production staff itself. Not by OLP experts. After some training with the robot offline programming software, not only OLP experts are able to master the robot offline programming. Rather everyone can program the robots. Furthermore users are enabled to deal even with very complex tasks very efficiently.

Is your robot application optimally supported by our OLP's process simulation and robot simulaiton? Ask for a demo !

At current state, AUTOMAPPPS does support planning, simulation and programming of robots of the following brands: ABB robots, AUBO robots, FANUC robots, Hanwha Robots (HCR robots), ITRI robots, SCHUNK robots (with KEBA Controller), KUKA robots,  Omron robots, Stäubli robots, Techman (TM) robots, Universal Robots (UR), Yaskawa (Motoman) robots

Furthermore, selected robots are supported in planning and simulation:  COMAU, CMA, DENSO, DÜRR, Kawasaki, Lesta, Hyndai, Mitsubishi, Nachi, OTC DAIHEN  and others on request.