Automatic, vision-based Paint-Repair / Surface Repair with Robots:

AUTOMAPPPS - spot repair  

We are the pioneers in robotized paint-repair and offer proven software in a bundle with years of shop-floor experience in paint-repair / spot-repair with robots - for superior quality and for more complete surfaces.



Superior quality

  • Factory proven planning of paint-repair
  • Years of experience in optimal quality
  • Optimized in dozens and dozens of robots deployed

Higher coverage / better ROI

  • Automat. treatment of complex shapes
  • Treats defects near and on edges

Wide applicability

  • Deployed with different active tools
  • Different inspection sensors supported
  • Supporting different robot producers
  • Proven on metal and plastic
  • Paint, primer and CDP coating

Faster, safer ramp-up:

  • Full tool chain for online and offline
  • Improved during many deployments
  • Simulation support
  • Visualization support
  • Analyis and remote optimization support
  • Plus years more experience
  • Multi-robot and multi-cell
  • For car-bodies and components

Cost effective:

  • Higher OOE, faster time to operation
  • Less trials and test-runs
  • Higher efficiency
  • Fast repair

Smart / self improving option. Learning:

  • best recipe for different defects
  • best recipe group for defect porperties
  • for better motions and sequences
  • for faster planning

automated planning of robot spot-repair and defect (pre-)treatment

Scan-Sand-Polish cells. Image courtesy of ACCEL GmbH Austria


More than a decade paint-repair planning for multi-robot cells


  1. Multi-stage and multi-robot planning
  2. Reactive paint-repair planning
  3. Scheduling
  4. Fast robot motion planning
  5. Automated multi-robot collision avoidance
  6. Automated robot code generation
  7. Realtime robotics capable

Truly superior paint quality / repair quality.


  • sanding (wet)
  • sanding (dry)
  • polishing
  • pre-treatment
  • marking

Download the flyer for reactive online robot programming.

AUTOMAPPPS-spot repair has proven for years and in many deployments of robots in and for paint-repair. With more than a decade of deployments in factories. This longstanding head-start can be felt immidiately observing robots commaned by AUTOMAPPPS software in action. With the experience from more installations and repair-jobs generated than anyone else, our grinding/polishing experts can help you optimize your surface-repair application to the next level.

With our tool-chain and support gadgets/tools, developped and optimized over years of in-factory use, spot repair / paint-repair projects with robots become faster to realize and best-practice.