AutomAPPPS - Bin Picking

The fast and reliable grasp- and motion planning solution for bin-picking and visual pick- and place. It plans the job for the entire robot, not just for the grippers or only for parts of the robot. The planner can be configured and adapted to products, conditions and task context quickly. For this, it is provided together with a tool for setup, layout and remote optimization.

  • Robust grasp, optimized robot motions, faster cycle-times, smaller cells
  • For almost all robot manufactures
  • Allows a shift of focus to value-creating applications
  • Considers speed and acceleration bounds of robots and cable constraints
  • Optimize from remotely and during cell design



  • SW umpteen times deployed and proven in production
  • Robust grasp planning and collision-free motion planning for entire robot
  • Handles disturbances through quick re-planning
  • WYSIWYG: Plan, simulate and test before the cell is realized.


  • Virtually for all applications and all robot manufacturers
  • Supports various sensors for different applications

Optimized cycle times

  • Shorter, optimized, collision-free planned motions
  • Considers speed- and acceleration bounds and cable restrictions
  • Very fast planning - multiple alternatives simultaneously
  • Supporting dynamic environmental changes over time

Shorter time to market, earlier revenues

  • Faster development of robotic solutions and applications
  • Less risk and re-work by proven technology
  • Covers all planning steps, allows to focus on the value creation
  • Earlier SoP (start of production)

Cost savings

  • Reduced development and engineering efforts
  • Minimized time for set-up and ramp-up
  • Reduced "cost of ownership", for servicing and for introducing new parts
  • Optimal cell layouts: smaller robot cells possible
  • Optimize from remotely and during cell design

Images courtesy of bsAutomatisierung GmbH, Germany and BOLL Automation GmbH Germany


  • Select optimal sensor for the part, based on handling, surfaces, conditions and light
  • Design gripper for the parts. Validate and optimize using AUTOMAPPPS
  • Select the best suited robot and optimize the cell layout using AUTOMAPPPS
  • Specify grasps for each part using AUTOMAPPPS
  • Configure the work-cell controller and the sensor
  • Execute, ramp-up
  • (Remote-) optimization¬†using AUTOMAPPPS


Task-sharing as key to top performance and adaptability:

  • The vision sensor provides information about recognized parts, not recognized parts and obstacles, transport box etc.
  • AUTOMAPPPS finds save and optimal grasping-, extraction- and place-motions and generates optimized, executable robot programs
  • The robot executes the program, the successful separation of parts is validated
  • The cell controller coordinates equipment and software and realizes safety and application specific aspects

Download the flyer for random bin picking.