Automatic Online Programming

Generate robot programs within seconds - up to 1000 times faster than traditionally. Automate extreme variant processes and tasks not thinkable otherwise: touch-up and spot-repair of defects detected seconds before, vision-based deburring and shape-correction, lot-size 1 products, etc.


Automating lot-size 1:

  • Programs each job individually
  • Without need for user involvement

Cost efficient Line-Tracking

  • No additional hardware required
  • Automatic consideration of work-piece motion

Reduction of cycle-time

  • Coordination of robots in the same workspace
  • Automatic optimization

Minimal reaction time, real-time capable:

  • Fully automated programming
  • Up to 1000 times faster than manually
  • Planning time can be set on the fly
  • Parallelizable

Compensates large pose-deviations

  • Adaptation through fast on-line planning
  • Collision free even with different configurations


Image courtesy of ATENSOR Engineering and Technology Systems GmbH, Austria


  1. Interface to preceding processes
  2. Reactive planning of processes and sequences
  3. Embedded simulation as criterion for optimization
  4. Automated collision avoidance
  5. Automated code generation


  • Spot-repair, touch-up
  • Deburring
  • Reactive milling, shape correction
  • Sanding, grinding, polishing
  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Quality control 

Download the flyer for reactive online robot programming.